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Discovery Club Member: Iris Aged 8

The #ONEWORLDDISCOVERYCLUB is not just a club. It’s a club for curious minds, it's full of big ideas and it's serious fun.


Every month Discovery Club members receive a range of awe-inspiring newsletters, fact files, articles, stories and discovery booklets - with things to learn, things to inspire, things to make, things to do and things to share.


A club created to stretch the imagination and help kids discover more about the big issues and give them the tools they need to help them get involved and make a positive impact on the world.


Kids love being part of it and parents and teachers love how the club brings a joined-up approach to global education.


Join the #ONEWORLDDISCOVERYCLUB today and watch your kids learn, grow, shine and thrive.

“Wow! The  ONEWORLD Discovery Club resources are most definitely a must-have.

They are informative, interesting, easy to read and, I think highly appealing to young people.

Wendy Ohlson -  Deputy Principal KCC HighSchool



“Why wouldn’t you want to get involved and subscribe absolutely brilliant.”

Andy Pratt: Head of Field Studies Centre Devon

"What a fab club. From human rights to environmental impact and from deforestation to fashion it really does have something for everyone, a real inspiration. My kids love it." 

Debbie Stirling - Mother

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